Monday, 19 May 2008

[ heather ]

So the promised shoot for Heather Sweet went really well, but i made the biggest mistake ever that weekend and deleted half the set by accident and had no back up. that'll teach me :P

but i did get some lovely ones, and heres my personal favourite, more to be found on my flickr page :)

as far as pregnancy goes, things pretty much suck at the moment. the joint problems i had with mia have returned in full force, namely Symphysis Pubis Disorder (where the bones of the pelvis separate too much and cause immense pain 'down there' when walking and going upstairs, among other things) and Sacro-Illiac Joint Dysfunction (which affects the hip joint itself and makes pretty much everthing painful, as well as the embarrassing side-effect of getting stuck if i dare lie flat on my back :( ) so i'm feeling a bit sorry for myself at the moment. 3 months to go, this better be worth it!

(of course it is ;) )

Saturday, 3 May 2008

photographs in spring

so mia joined the realm of the speccies and got some glasses, bless her! she does love them, and after having them for over a week is still happily wearing them. it does freak me out a bit seeing her in them, she looks so cute and 3 years older, i'll expect i'll get used to it :)

we finally have some wonderful sunny sun today, all i can say its about time :)

mia and mia took advantage by taking some lovely sunglasses shots, very quick indeed in the back yard!

still a bit lax on this blogging thing but i promise to try harder :)

Thursday, 1 May 2008

So, I've kind of been asking myself why i want to publish a regular blog when i have active galleries on DeviantArt and Storm-Artists?

i think it might have something to do with my online RSS feed at Pageflakes, where i have several wonderful blogs by amazing photographers who all exude the awesomeness of having a regularly updated blog. So, completely apart from my other sites, this is for me. For other people to discover. I hope that one day the excitement i feel when i see one of those other blogs has an update can be passed on to someone else seeing this blog in their feed too. I'll be a very happy girl when that happens :)

And here, in the not-so-sunny UK, it is now officially spring. I judge spring by how early or late i take macros of the small pot of forget-me-nots in my back yard :) Truly one of my favourite flowers, mainly because its so tiny but so perfectly formed, and the colors are so beautiful.

futher evidence of spring is the beautiful evening sun we can get here, when its not raining of course :) how i adore this particular shot, not posed in any way, i just aimed the camera and shouted her name :)

this evening i have a meeting with a local wedding photographer to see about the possibility of an assistants position, initially unpaid, but the experience will be amazing. He knows i am pregnant, whether thats an issue i dont know, but as far as i'm concerned photography is the only reason i would put my child in any form of daycare in the first 2 years, so lets hope he sees my passion and my commitment to this and takes me on. i'm nervous as hell, i've never interviewed or discussed this kind of thing with relation to photography, but whatever happens, good or bad, i know that this is the path i want to take.

If anyone visits my blog i would sorely appreciate some words of encouragement, if nothing else to show that i'm not the only one who reads this :)

Have a wonderful day! X