Tuesday, 28 April 2009

yeah yeah i know :D

i've not been here in some time :D

things have been hectic, busy, exciting, amazing, new and old.

i have a beautiful 8 month old son called Ethan and my photography career is finally starting to blossom-i have 11 weddings so far this year and 6 for next, and all done on word of mouth alone, no marketing on my part, so things are looking up.

this blog page is now my homepage so i make sure i update it more often :)

so this weekend we took a trip to our local horse and donkey shelter, as mia's dad adopted her a pony for her birthday so she insists on going up there every weekend to groom it, bless her!

i obviously took my camera and couldnt resist trying to get some arty pictures of horses and donkeys, hope you enjoy them!