Tuesday, 19 May 2009

birthdays, babies and weddings

the past week or so has been incredibly busy for me, i've had a milestone birthday and finally hit the big 3-0, which went very well and i'm feeling rather positive about it!

i photographed a newborn girl a few days ago who was just adorable, little Ella is just 10 days old <3

friday i had an engagement shoot, saturday i had a wedding shoot which went very well (photos will be uploaded when i get round to editing them!) and tomorrow i am working with a professional nude model who i admire very much so its exciting times!


Scaramouche Photography said...

These are beautiful.
I have a lot to learn to be as good as you.

Donna said...

thank you so much sweetheart, thats a lovely thing to say!

Danielle Aldana said...

Hey Donna sorry I havent been around,but as I mentioned in DA these pictures are so wonderful! And Happy Belated Birthday I cant wait till i reach 30...actually I can.....

Anonymous said...

Hi. I'm a huge fan of your beautiful photography, and have followed your Deviantart stuff for a while now.

As an artist, I felt like I had to let you know that one [at the very least] of your photos has been 'stolen', so to speak.

Someone has taken one of your photos and put it into Photoshop and traced it. It's obvious to see, really, how traced it is. This person hasn't given you any credit for the photo, and actually claims to be an 'artist'.

I don't know where you stand on such things, maybe it's not a big issue for you, but I myself would not be too pleased if someone is using my work in such a way without any credit. To be honest, I'd not be happy with them using my photos at all.

By the looks of it, she has done this a number of times, and on each occasion has failed to reference and credit the photo she has taken.

Of course, if you've given permission to her to do this, then please ignore this. Now, one might consider this telling tales, but as she's using your photos for websites that she's getting money for, I thought it best to let you know. After all, we're all in this business together, and we should look out for one another when we're being ripped off.


Taken from one of the photos you have taken of May Hemm.

The 'artist' that created this picture is found at http://peskideville.blogspot.com/

Indigoh said...

Beautiful blog. I found you on dA, I look forward to seeing your photos. I loved the ones here.


Indigoh ~.

Anonymous said...

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