Saturday, 2 May 2009

experimenting with my babies

yesterday i bought a couple of white sheets and opened my curtains as wide as possible and played with the kids on the bed. ethan wriggles far too much, cue lots of diving across the bed by me and mia to catch him before disaster ensued!

this one is ethans '80's steroid wrestler face' according to ste :)

and the results of ethan getting hold of a pen, unbeknownst to me! so cute :)

so i'm having a lovely, fun filled weekend, what are you up to?


Piglet de' Erin said...

Beautiful! Can I just say that I love the shot of your sweet baby turned back looking at you. And I love the pen on the funny.

thanks for adding my link. by the way, I love ENGLAND! I was actually born there many years ago.

I am glad to have a bloggy friend there now :)

Jen said...

Oh Donna! How sweet they are!! I just love these pictures.... brings smiles and tears... <3 Well done lovey! :D

Donna said...

thank you both so much!

erin, i didnt know you were born in england :D whereabouts?

and you are so sweet, as usual jen :) XX

Anonymous said...

The first one is so proud, he's like LOOK I CAN ALMOST CRAWL!

Anonymous said...

He Donna,
Its Danielle and I absolutely love these and if you dont mind me asking what ISO where you shooting at?