Friday, 8 May 2009

we gonna party like its ma birthday!

so i am 30 today (8th of may) and although i have been incredibly apprehensive about it, now that its here i feel awesome :)

things are looking up, i think i am glad to leave my awkward, depressive, debt-filled, uncertain younger years behind me, its all falling into place now and i couldnt be happier :D

so, random shots from the past couple of months that you might not have seen!


Jen said...

Happy Birthday sweetheart. You've come a long way and we're so happy to know you all are doing great! I love these latest shots of yours. Especially the group kiss there and the colorful carnival ride one. Very very cool! :D Love ya and enjoy your precious day! <3

Mary Marantz said...

Happy Birthday!!!!

Piglet de' Erin said...

Beautiful fun shots! And happy birthday. the 30 club is rockin' it!