Saturday, 3 May 2008

photographs in spring

so mia joined the realm of the speccies and got some glasses, bless her! she does love them, and after having them for over a week is still happily wearing them. it does freak me out a bit seeing her in them, she looks so cute and 3 years older, i'll expect i'll get used to it :)

we finally have some wonderful sunny sun today, all i can say its about time :)

mia and mia took advantage by taking some lovely sunglasses shots, very quick indeed in the back yard!

still a bit lax on this blogging thing but i promise to try harder :)


They call me Annie said...

Tell Mia I think she looks VERY cool in her glasses. I didn't see her before, but I really like them. Very sophisticate, very cool, very funky! You go, girl!

And thanks for your vote on the door "hand-le." I know what you mean, it could be a tad creepy, couldn't it? Might be fun, might also be just weird . . . hmmm.

So glad you've had some sun! Ahhh, the whole world is just brighter, isn't it? Thanks for dropping by the SkinnyLink. See you around!

Prosey said...

She is *soooo* beautiful, I can never quite get over how lovely she is. <3